Start to Use a Word Processor
with Ease

Have you found a modern word processor difficult to learn? Or has it otherwise felt time consuming using the manuals? If that's your experience, how about trying another kind of a guide?

The guide has been written for use by

  • beginners,
  • the elderly, and
  • children.

In other words, by any "home user" who wants to be able to pick up the basics of using a word processor quickly. And now you can try the guide out first with the excerpt files and see if it would meet your needs: OpenOffice 2 Writer version or Word 2003 version

Overall accessibility and usability are the main guiding principles when creating the exercises in the guide. The main target audience is "ordinary" users, not technical wizards! The idea is that in modern software applications, there are many useful things for those who are not really interested in the complex techniques, but only how they can put the software's basic capabilities to a good use with the least effort possible. So the goal is not to make the examples visually impressive and overwhelming, but to reveal the structure and logic behind the basic features of the program. This enables readers to take less time when they are performing tasks and learning to use the program.

You can print or download a free excerpt of the guide here: OpenOffice 2 Writer version or Word 2003 version.

The writer of this new guide, Norma Sollers, has several years experience in teaching office programs to different user groups. Now you also have the chance to tap into this knowledge.

Practical Guides for Beginners

Get Your Word Processor Into Use...Quickly!
by Norma Sollers

Get Your Word 2003 Into Use...Quickly!
by Norma Sollers

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